Wolontariat Europejski Tea 4 Unity


Fundacja Laja’s activities aim at raising environmental awareness among children, youth, adults and seniors and promoting sustainability principles through educational acitivities.

We devote one week festival „The Earth Week” as well as the Tea Festival to promote values of sustainable living, critical consumerism and ecology in general.
Almost most of the planned activities were realized by the volunteers. They were designed in a way that every volunteer can find its role in them.
The volunteers were acknowledged with the way Fundacja Laja is working before their departure to the service. After they have arrived they had the opportunity to get to know them once more and to choose what they like most. If not sure they had the opportunity to try all of them and decide. Sometimes there were irregular activities not mentioned in the application, like renovation of the office or some seasonal work
like christmas decorations for the Castle hill where the foundation is placed.

EVS volunteers took part in the activities that Laja Foundation organized – each having a role adjusted to his/her possibilities. As Fundacja Laja has many activities we do have a kind of list of activities the volunteers can get involved in but at the same time they are not too strictly defined not to limit their personal potential and fresh energy they can bring into the organisation. Therefore, the volunteers were all
involved in the activities organised by Laja like festival Święto Herbaty (promotion – mainly photos, some videos, preparing social media posts, preparation of the festival activities – like gaining sponsors, preparing Zero Waste topic of the festival etc.) workshops connected to the sustainability principles education – support during the realisation, making a video, photos, project preparation, office work and many
more. The volunteers were spending their everyday in the office helping with project management realizing projects that have been accepted for the festival realization with the Coordinator of the project who is also a main coordinator of the festival and educational ecological workshops of Fundacja Laja. She was connecting these activities and planning them, realizing and evaluating with the volunteers meeting on
daily basis.
The project was designed in a way that volunteers will not only participate in our activities, but also have a space for interacting and influencing decisions in the projects context. We mostly tried to apply necessary changes within the project activities according to their needs and interests. Volunteers were actively supported in developing their own projects. Therefore we gave them space to use their talents to
develop but at the same time having accomplished the goals of the Foundation as such. And here we can involve achievements that were exceeding the initial expectations of the project, like having new upcycled cushions for the foudnation (Miska), contacts to the sponsors for the festival (Martina) or festival movie (Petr), all of which were very time consuming and demanding for the volunteers. They have absolutely exceeded our expectations.

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